Image-guided therapy

Radio frequency Catheter with Optical Guidance

Radio frequency Catheter with Optical Guidance

Image guided therapy is one of the cornerstones of medicine in the 21st century. It consists of obtaining complementary information about a prescribed treatment through medical imaging techniques, applying it to plan, execute or verify its development. There is a large number of resulting benefits coming from the fusion of techniques traditionally developed for diagnosis técnicas and surgical, pharmacological or radiotherapy-based interventions. In particular, it is possible to improve the efficacy and safety of procedures, increasing their accuracy and reducing the cost and time required for their application.

MedLumics especialices in optical imaging techniques that are especially appropriate for inclusion in minimally invasive surgical instruments. Since they obtain local information about tissue structure and properties, they are suitable for application in reduced working volumes where a rich knowledge of the tool environment is desired. The micro fabrication advantages of MedLumics’ technology platform allow a high functional density in the small volume of an endoscope or catheter, and allow the mass fabrication of these elements in single use components.


Diagnostic imaging


NITID™, first portable OCT system for clinical use.

MedLumics’ OCT platform is especially appropriate to create optical imaging solutions that improve the diagnostic at the point of care, reducing the distance between the evaluation of pathology and the patient. The miniaturisation, stability, and ease of production of our imaging engine allow us to deliver very compact, versatile, integrated solutions that are easy to use.

Management of skin pathologies is an area that can especially benefit from these advancements. Immediate availability of high-quality information about tissue microstructure can simplify clinical decision making, reducing time, number of visits and costs, but also improving the efficacy of prescribed therapies.

In this development line, MedLumics has completed the development of NITID™, an advanced diagnostic imaging product for a better management of skin problems. This device, with a weight of only 3Kg, is the first portable battery operated OCT clinical system worldwide. It is commercialised under CE Mark by DermaLumics, a sister company focused on the dermatological market.