MedLumics is focused on the design, development and manufacturing of Optical Coherence Reflectometry (OCR) medical devices, powered by integrated optics, delivering solutions for intracardiac ablation procedures. It is our goal to ensure that our OCR technology allows patients to receive enhanced treatment by means of real-time lesion assessment to minimize risk, discomfort and morbidity associated with cardiac ablation procedures. Continuous OCR product improvement through operating processes and our customer interaction is our model for building a solid foundation for sustainable excellent business performance. Medlumics OCR products are highly relevant for the enhancement of public health and patient safety. Management and staff are committed to providing best in class products that meet or exceeds our customers’ expectations for cost, quality, reliability, and safety requirements. The organization is dedicated to continuous improvement in all facets of its business to enhance our customers’ satisfaction for the benefit of their patients.

We will achieve this through:

• Employee involvement, engaging the organization’s employees in a culture of continuous improvement and ongoing education focusing on quality and risk management.

• Partnerships with customers, suppliers, and other key stakeholders

The Organization including every employee are committed to these goals. True quality begins with the understanding of our customer needs and continues with the design and manufacturing of products and processes that infiltrate through and integrate all phases of our operations. To achieve its goals, MedLumics’ processes, procedures and programs apply stringent quality and safety standards. We strive for excellence in everything that we do. We value trust, integrity and mutual respect, between our employees, investors, communities and customers. We are committed to compliance with ethical standards and the applicable laws and regulations that govern our business activities. In particular, the Organization and its team are committed to complying with the requirements of ISO Standards 9001:2015 and 13485:2016. Compliance with these applicable standards will be monitored through internal and third-party assessments of our quality and regulatory systems to ensure we are employing best industry practices underpinned by quality standards. The achievement and maintenance of high quality standards is a prerequisite for company success to attract, develop and retain competencies and new talent to the organization. Company goals are communicated by management, in such a way that they are understood and executed by all employees through both collective contribution and individual initiatives.