MedLumics is a medical device start-up born in 2011 from a compromise with improving human living standards by means of technology.

Biophotonics is our central field of activity and our mission is to extract value from the exciting scientific and technological advances that are taking place in it, transforming them into innovative and high quality solutions for the global market.

Biophotonics is a knowledge area at the crossroad between biology, medical science, physics and photonic technology, and its final goal is the development of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques utilizing the properties of optical radiation.

In the last decades it has experienced a spectacular growth, with its clinical success stories thriving. Paralelly, the number of institutions, both companies and academic centres, devoted to it have multiplied.

At MedLumics we consider that one of the key factors for the fast growth of the field has been the development and specialization of the supporting technological basis. Indeed, clinical applications have not really matured until appropriate instruments have been available to generate, detect, process, visualize or calculate light interaction with tissues, even though the basic scientific principles have been known for much longer. Therefore, we have incorporated this fruitful feedback process running between applications, technology and science, translating it into a continuous innovation effort coupled to a valorisation workflow at the service of the clinical world.

Our Vision

MedLumics is committed to transform progress in the science and technology of light into high-quality innovative products improving human living standards worldwide.

Our Mission

Medlumics will achieve and develop its vision in the coming years through the expansion of clinical indications of optical coherence tomography and optical coherence reflectometry through a new class of ultracompact devices. In the process, it will become the world leader for this market segment and a major player for this imaging technique.

Our Values

The Company is born from a will to improve the living standards of the population through the application of knowledge. As implicit in our mission, we are committed to maintaining thehighest ethical standards in all our actions and to working with our clients and other stakeholders to maximize the social benefits of our business.

Our people and their talent are our most important resource. The contribution of each employee to the quality of our products and to our customer’s total satisfaction is the basis for our continuing growth and success. We will constantly strive to maintain an atmosphere where our employees can exercise personal initiative, fully utilize individual talents and feel a sense of pride and value.