MedLumics Names Prof. Wolfgang Drexler President of its Scientific Advisory Board

MADRID, August 24th, 2012 – MedLumics, a medical imaging diagnostics company specializing in advanced optical coherence tomography (OCT) technology, has announced the appointment of world-renowned OCT expert Prof. Wolfgang Drexler as president of the company’s Scientific Advisory Board. In his new role, he will help drive strategic decision-making related to the development of the company’s proprietary technology platform and its product application in different clinical areas.

“Prof. Drexler’s significant technical experience, global perspective on clinical OCT applications and proven skills in translational research make him uniquely qualified to lead our scientific advisory board,” said Eduardo Margallo, co-founder and president of MedLumics. “We believe he will play a critical role in expanding the value of our innovative microchip-based OCT platform, now and well into the future.”

MedLumics’ OCT imaging technology integrates all optical and electrical components in a compact microchip-based system that can that can produce dynamic, real-time, high-resolution diagnostic images with a tissue penetration capability of up to two millimeters. The proprietary technology is designed to allow physicians to perform a non-invasive optical “digital biopsy” of tissues that avoids damage to vulnerable structures, reduces procedure time, and eliminates the invasiveness of conventional biopsy tissue sample extraction.

“The technological platform MedLumics is developing has the potential to address numerous unmet medical needs in very important specialities for patients, such as cardiology and oral surgery,” said Prof. Drexler. “It is a pleasure for me to serve as president of MedLumics’ Scientific Advisory Board and be part of the team helping to build a ground-breaking medical technology company. I am sure that together we will be able to improve the standard of health care for millions of patients around the world, allowing healthcare providers to offer more effective and efficient diagnostic solutions.”

Currently head of the Center of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering at the Medical University of Vienna, Prof. Drexler brings to MedLumics more than 15 years of expert focus in OCT and an extensive tracked record of fundamental and translational research in the field. He began his professional career at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , where, as a Max Kade grant holder, he devised and built the first ultra high-resolution OCT unit. Prof. Drexler later received his qualification as lecturer in medical physics at the University of Vienna and went on to become the director of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Laser Development and their Application in Medicine.

In 2001, Prof. Drexler won a prestigious START Award from the Austria Science Fund, allowing him to build an international scientific reputation. In 2006, he became head of the Biomedical Imaging department at the University of Cardiff in Wales, where he had been serving as one of the members of the governing research council with responsibility for 80 employees as the director of Investigation of the Optometry and Vision Science Department.

About MedLumics

Founded in 2009, MedLumics is a medical imaging diagnostics company specializing in advanced optical coherence tomography (OCT) technology. Its proprietary platform technology integrates optical and electrical components in a compact microchip-based OCT system that can produce dynamic, real-time, high-resolution diagnostic images that allow physicians to perform a non-invasive optical “digital biopsy” of tissues. MedLumics received a 3.5 million Euro/4.7 million USD Series A financing from joint investors Ysios Capital Partners and “la Caixa” (through Caixa Capital Risc) in December 2011.

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