MedLumics´ original chip

Within the broad field of biophotonics, our current product offer is directed to Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT): one of the most successful light based diagnostic techniques, which is undergoing a fast expansion and growth process.

OCT is an imaging technique able to provide sectional information about tissue with high resolution. Since it uses optical waves to study tissue, it is totally harmless for patients.

The visualized volumes are typically small due to the limited penetration in tissues, which is typically in the order of a few millimetres. Commercially, it has found widespread acceptance in ophthalmology, and it is undergoing a fast expansion towards other medical fields, such as intravascular imaging in cardiology, dermatology or dentistry. However, OCT suffers from the complexity and cost of its instrumentation, factors that are heavily weighing on its further expansion.

At MedLumics we have disruptive technological advantages derived from the ability to implement the instrumentation needed for OCT by means of integrated optics. There are a number of fabrication technologies and processes that under the umbrella of integrated optics, sharing in all cases many aspects with electronic manufacturing processes. The resulting devices group different optical components in a single substrate with typical dimensions which are orders of magnitude smaller than the ones in the equivalente traditional system. MedLumics is protecting the intellectual property of strategic elements necessary for the implementation of OCT using integrated optics, and new products derived from the intrinsic advantage At MedLumics we have advanced know-how on the design and manufacturing of integrated photonic devices and on their post-processing, polishing, connectorization, packaging, etc.

Additionally our human capital has the necesary knowledge on electronic instrumentation, signal processing and medical image visualization. This know-how is the result of the technlogical education of the founding board members and it is demonstrated in prototypes of some key components and full systems.